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Learn to Play Go Already!
a loving homage to the original "Interactive Way to Go"
| Basic rules
Just 5 simple steps, nothing to be scared about

Learn them all one by one

WHERE and HOW we place the stones How can we CAPTURE something? No SUICIDES please No ENDLESS REPETITION either PASS and COUNT the score

| Basic (but cool!) techniques
You know how to play? Now learn to play with style!

Learn them all one by one
Alive (IMMORTAL) groups CUTS DOUBLE atari! LADDERS NETS SNAPBACK SEKI (barely alive)

| Basic strategies
Switching to 19x19

Learn them all one by one
What to do in the OPENING Is ENDGAME important? Make some SHAPE Beginner TIPS please Understand a PROFESSIONAL game

| Well, now what?
Where can you even use this newfound skill?

Learn them all one by one
Where can you PLAY? Where can you LEARN more? Where can you ASK QUESTIONS? DICTIONARY of Go terms